Barrier-Free Spaces


The terms Barrier-free or wheelchair accessible are used to describe a structure that is built so that anyone regardless of their mobility restrictions, can have access to all parts of their home.

Exteriors and Entrances

A barrier-free path must be able to connect parking, driveway and all walkways.

Ramps, lifts, automatic lighting, snow-melting capability. 

Features that could be considered when planning how to gain access to your home, regardless of the season.


For someone to have accessibility to their home, the floor space from the entrance to living areas must have proper installation of ramps, elevating devices and possibly elevators.

Widened Door Openings

Widened door openings into all rooms with doors changed to pocket format (as opposed to swing), all make for an easier experience for someone who is wheelchair bound.

Renovating washrooms

Renovating washrooms, to allow for an adequate amount of room for wheelchairs to turn around, to be able to get access to toilet and shower area, to be able to remove curbs and steps, and to have all required grab bars throughout- these are all considerations when planning a barrier-free space.


Technology has also improved the potential quality of life for anyone who may be of advanced age- from wi-fi connectivity to the ability to use voice commands to having a variety of alarms that automatically connect to ambulance or police, depending on the situation, the right combination of features can be considered when planning a barrier-free space.

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