It’s vital that an expert evaluates the state of your home prior to any discussions about design or budget options.

If there are any limitations, from a structural standpoint or a logistical one, it’s best to be informed up front, as it will be another variable that needs to be considered when determining which design requirements are relevant. We supply this critical service for all of our prospective customers.


With the existing conditions evaluated and recognized, we work with you to find out what your space or size or usage requirements are. Armed with all of this information, we work with our customer, to determine the most cost-effective and equity-generating design solution that exists.

Another critical element of our process is performing a Zoning Analysis.

A zoning analysis is an initial determination whether the municipality will actually issue permits for a proposed addition or detached building, according to prevailing by-laws.

If the proposed addition is too close to a property line, or it has too big a square footage, the municipality won’t release permits without a process called a minor variance.

A minor variance is an application to the municipality to get permission to overlook (on a one-time basis) the by-law that is being contravened.

If a minor variance is required, you will be informed of it, and we will work with you to get permits issued. Also, in case you consider environmental construction methods or processes important, we will also offer expert advice on eco-build alternatives or upgrades to traditional construction methods or materials.

From super-insulated walls to more-efficient heating technologies, to solar electricity generation, we can share our expertise on these topics.

Finally, if you are aging in place, or have a relative who might be considering moving into your home, you’ll need to know how to build barrier-free living spaces, or how to incorporate fire-safe legal secondary dwellings into your existing home. We are ideally suited to advise on how to achieve this.