You can take advantage of the foundation system that suits your needs best. Whether it’s a system of helical piles, a frost-depth
foundation wall, or a full depth basement foundation, your requirements can be matched to one of these choices.

Helical Piles

If you plan to build an addition, but don’t need the extra basement space (and don’t want the cost of this space), you can tailor your foundations to fit your budget and space requirements.

An addition built on helical piles is sturdy, inexpensive, and quick to install. Since all of our structural foundations are designed and certified by a licensed structural engineer, securing permits is never a problem.

Frost Depth Foundations

If you want to heat your addition more efficiently, or intend to add a washroom (need to keep plumbing pipes from freezing), then a frost-depth foundation is your choice. It’s less expensive to construct than a full-depth foundation, yet it allows for easy heating and installation of plumbing pipes. Also, there is the opportunity to store items in the crawlspace of a frost-depth foundation.

Full Foundation

If you intend to use the space in the basement of your addition, then it makes sense to excavate and remove all of the soil from the area. A full-height foundation wall can be constructed, allowing you to take advantage of regular ceiling heights, multiple windows and a new space that is integrated into the remainder of the existing basement.

Other Foundation Options

If you want to super-insulate, or save space inside your addition, we can build your foundation walls using a concept called ICF (insulated concrete forming), which uses Styrofoam foundation walls. Re-inforcing bars and concrete are placed inside these Styrofoam walls, and you are left with a very well insulated concrete foundation wall.

A Slab-On-Grade foundation option also exists, in situations where you don’t intend to build a foundation (either because of the presence of bedrock, or high water table). A slab on grade foundation gets built on the grade, but is engineered to perform exactly as a frost-depth or full foundation might. It doesn’t heave with freeze-thaw cycles because part of the design includes installing 2-inch Styrofoam underneath the concrete, and embedding a grid of re-inforcing bars into the concrete.

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